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Under the tree

Under the tree is a safe online space where communications professionals can learn the skills and techniques needed to transform workload stress and pressure into a positive influence.

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How does it work?

Shaped by the research findings of the Workplace Mental Wellbeing Audit 2022 by the PRCA/CIPR, and in alignment with the HCA’s priorities in mental well-being, fox&cat has created a series of 45-minute drop-in sessions to introduce the skills and techniques needed to effectively manage pressure from our network of expert trainers.

You can apply for CPD accreditation from the PRCA, CIPR, and HCA for every session you complete.

New sessions

New sessions will be held live on the fox&cat LinkedIn page every Wednesday at 12.15 from 22 February until 17 May 2023. All sessions will be recorded and stored in our library, which will include downloadable top tips and other assets so you can return to the content whenever you need a refresh.

How to get involved

You will need to follow the fox&cat LinkedIn page to view the session live and to receive updates, top tips and materials related to the campaign. Click here to follow us now.


Select the sessions most relevant to you from the training schedule. 


When open, register for each event you wish to attend.


Join the session and engage directly with our training team.


Tell us how we did. Feedback helps to make our sessions more relevant and rewarding.

Why is training in mental health important?

Pressure doesn’t need to be a dirty word. Yes, if left unmanaged it can cause stress and hinder performance, but if you learn to deal with it, pressure can sharpen your focus and sustain your motivation.

Right now, Mental Wellbeing in Public Relations 2022 paints a murky picture for those of us working in comms. These matters are something that the sector needs to address now, and address collectively.

PR professionals
Mental health in the UK 2022

If at any time you are feeling under too much pressure, do not suffer alone. The CIPR, PRCA and HCA have information resources available, and you can call support lines like the Samaritans and NHS 111, but if you think your life, or that of another person is at risk, call 999.

We have been heavily involved in shaping the focus areas for fox&cat’s Under the tree programme to ensure the sessions meet the needs of the industry. We are very pleased to be part of this initiative and witness fox&cat take it on and fund it as part of their own specific area of corporate responsibility.”

It is perhaps ironic how those who promote good health are themselves susceptible to poor mental health. Through our involvement in this programme, alongside our other wellbeing activity, we hope to help achieve positive changes within the sector. We applaud the fox&cat team for their altruistic commitment and contribution to helping shift the dial with its programme, Under the tree.”

Education and commitment to mental health are two key markers for positive change. We are delighted to be partnering with fox&cat on this first-of-its-kind programme, and it is inspiring to see such a young agency step forward to make a difference to mental health in our industry.”

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