Resilience and confidence

Presenting with impact: Achieving the right mindset  

Many people find presenting and speaking in public to be a nerve-wracking experience – whether you’re part of a pitch, or you’re speaking up in a meeting.  During this session we will explore what’s going on in our brain in those moments, and tangible ways to overcome our own internal ‘interference’ to ensure we land what we want to say, connect with our audience, and most importantly, undo those feelings of dread.

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9 March

Addressing courageous conversations head on  

The temptation is often to avoid or fudge those difficult conversations we all need to have for ourselves and others’ to be as effective as we can. During this session, we will teach you about the mindsets and methods for handling conflict. Afterwards, you'll feel more better equipped with practical frameworks to address these courageous conversations head on.

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16 March

Cultivating personal resilience 

Resilience is such an important capability to cultivate in the modern working world. It allows us to feel an engaging amount of challenge at work, without that developing into stress, and helps us manage the circumstances around us so that we feel happy and in control. We will examine where we expend too much energy, and where we experience energy renewal, culminating in ‘one big change’ you can commit yourself to making as a result of this session.

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23 March

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