Our mission

Adversity and opportunity

For fox&cat the importance of mental wellbeing is personal.

“I love working in health communications, but after fifteen intense years at the sharp end, I was tired. I didn’t realise how tired I was until I took a year out to find some mental space. I used the time to educate myself about stress, how we can be trained to manage it, and even how it can be shaped into something to motivate us.

With the help of a little perspective, the idea for fox&cat was born. I am now back in the business, offering a full integrated communications proposition but delivered with an awareness of increasing stress and pressure in the communications workplace.

Fox&cat has been created in part to help communications teams understand the importance and value of balance and control in tackling the challenges they face and the work they deliver.  I now use my own experience to help my clients become happier, healthier and more successful.”

Paul worked in health communications for over fifteen years before leaving his role as a Director at Pegasus (now Evoke Mind+Matter) in 2019. Since then, he has launched fox&cat and helped lead, create and deliver a new mental health management programme called Under the tree.